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Ed-Tech Startup Blend-Ed launches blended learning ecosystems with research-informed technology and instructional delivery methods

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Ed-Tech Startup Blend-Ed launches blended learning ecosystems with research-informed technology and instructional delivery methods

April 29
14:10 2022
Founded by a team of four young educationalists and technologists, Blend-Ed steps early into the futuristic blended learning system, envisioning a fundamental change in the prevailing teaching and learning cultures.

The inception of Blend-Ed happened in the midst of the pandemic and lockdowns, when the four young founders, mused about the current educational system and its myriad flaws. Dejection paves the path to innovation and their vision held a fundamental change in the schooling culture that is prevalent now. With the pandemic raging, schooling took a desperate turn into online classes. 

Hours of remote teaching where the students had no involvement whatsoever in their own learning process was probably the most disastrous event in the history of education. The prevailing educational system is rooted in the ancient practice of lecturing and with the one-way, non-interactive and non-experimental online classes over Zoom and Google Meet, that system hit a new low with respect to the actual learning process. 

“This is where Blend-Ed comes in,” says the Ed-Tech CEO, Nadheem Abdulla. “You have got it wrong if you think blended learning is just dividing the content and offering some of it online and some offline. It is a more intuitive process where teachers become facilitators and learning is an active process using online mediums and technology where it is best and offline, face-to-face classrooms for those parts of learning that thrive in that mode.”

The Team

Blend-Ed is the brainchild of a team of four young educationalists and technologists who believed in science-backed learning theories and processes against the conventional and traditional educational system. 

Team Blend-ed: Mohammed Shamil, Primshad, Nadheem Abdulla and Muhammed Shahidh

Nadheem Abdulla, the CEO and Co-Founder at Blend-Ed, is a meteorologist turned educationalist and was the former Technical Director of a STEM education company. Mohammed Shamil is an engineering graduate, who pursued his passions to branch out to an entrepreneur and a neuropsychology researcher and is a founding member in three other companies. Primshad is a Computer Science Graduate and a successful business person. Muhammed Shahidh is a Computer Science graduate from IIT Madras and the Engineering Manager and Architect at now turned unicorn startup Hasura Inc. being one of the earliest employees who developed hasura.

How it works?

Blend-Ed opens the door to a revolution in education through an integrated approach, where online and offline modes are effectively  blended to achieve the best learning outcomes. At Blend-Ed, they collaborate with institutions wherein the learning ecosystem incorporates online learning into the offline classrooms which is rather a venue for more practical, innovative and experimental portions of the curriculum.

Learners receive a personalized environment in the Online space of Blend-Ed, which facilitates the uptake of theoretical information at their own pace, time and mastery. The provisions provided along with the lessons include formative assessments which take the learners through the content.

Instructor-led sessions for the application of the knowledge are carried out online or offline, as per requirement and preference. These sessions can be efficiently planned, owing to the data the instructor garners from the formative assessments. 

Blend-Ed doesn’t limit its work to just providing the Online space for learners and instructors, but offers the technology for collaboration, resource sharing and extended learning, which institutions and facilitators can use to develop their courses using interactive elements and simulations related to the coursework, providing a richer learning experience. 

Why Blend-Ed is the future of learning

Educationalists and Scientists predict blended learning as the future of education, especially after COVID-19 accelerated the transformation. Blended learning has been adopted by many revered institutions and universities in the west already and it is just a matter of time before the system becomes the accepted norm. 

The distaste for online classes among students, parents and teachers is no secret. But when it comes to blended learning, the picture is bound to be renovated. Today’s generation is familiar with the technological platforms and resources and when learning is a process that is motivated from within, the ability to learn scales beyond what a regular preset curriculum demands the students to learn, regardless of their interests and individual skills. Coupled with offline classrooms that promote innovative, creative and experimental processes in learning, education becomes a revolution in itself. 

Through Blend-Ed, learning and teaching become more flexible, as the Online space allows learning at one’s own pace, time and mastery. With the seamless user experience and interface, Blend-Ed also offers a richer experience of learning online through assessments, interactive and immersive tools and customizable coursework that lets the teachers facilitate their students in the best possible way suitable to the lessons. 

Blended learning has also been found to improve performance among learners because the approach is very much in tandem with the human brain’s cognitive process, making it an ideal system. This approach engages all the cognitive elements of a learner, making learning a willful choice rather than a yielding to an imperative. When learning becomes self-motivated, it results in higher retention rate and increases the engagement of the learner in the process. 

“Blended learning unleashes the maximum potential of every individual learner, taking into account the variability of the cerebral factors in learning,” says Mohammed Shamil, the co-founder, who is also a Neuropsychology researcher. “Each learner needs to discover their strengths in order to utilize and apply those in learning and this can be found only with a blended approach that puts to test every human skill within the learner.”

Media Contact
Company Name: Blend-ed Edtech Private limited
Contact Person: Mohammed Shamil
Email: Send Email
Phone: +91 7025840227
Country: India
Website: blend-ed.com

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