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Exclusive Magic™ Technology Platforms Propel Membrane Protein & Antibody Discovery

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Exclusive Magic™ Technology Platforms Propel Membrane Protein & Antibody Discovery

October 20
10:56 2021
Creative Biolabs established advanced technology platforms for the discovery and engineering of membrane proteins and corresponding antibodies, based on extensive experience, and has launched custom programs to serve global clients studying drug targets or disease therapies.

New York, USA – October 19, 2021 – Membrane proteins function as ion channels, receptors, or transporters, allowing cells to transmit environmental signals across biological membranes, which are classed as integral (intrinsic) or peripheral (extrinsic) based on the nature of their interactions with the membrane. The defects in some membrane proteins have been proved to be intimately related to the onset of some diseases, which therefore spark intense research interest in the therapeutic area.

Expression and presentation of the membrane protein of interest as immunogen (GPCR immunogen, ion channel immunogen, and transporter immunogen) is the prerequisite for the development of highly functional anti-membrane protein antibodies. Creative Biolabs has integrated resources to establish the membrane protein platform embedded with multiple expression systems to produce a high yield of certain membrane proteins with native conformation.

* Cell-based Membrane Protein Expression in E. coli/Yeast Cells/Baculovirus-insect Cells/Mammalian Cells/Photosynthetic Bacteria

* Cell-free Protein Expression in E. coli Lysate/Wheat Germ/CHO Cell Lysate/Rabbit Reticulocyte Lysate/Insect Cell Lysate/HEK Cell Lysate/PURE System

The solubilization and the reconstitution of membrane proteins mainly take place through the following strategies, and the resulting proteins can be applied in functional studies, antibody development, drug discovery, structure determination (NMR spectroscopy, crystallization, Cryo-EM), etc.

* Micelles, Bicelles, Virus-like particles (VLPs), Proteoliposomes, Nanodiscs, SMALPs/Polymers, etc.

With the Magic™ platform, Creative Biolabs enables clients to obtain antibodies using membrane proteins and other biomolecules (as antigens) prepared from the above-mentioned operations, and it is worth mentioning that Creative Biolabs has gained remarkable success in developing anti-GPCR antibodies, anti-ion channel antibodies, and anti-transporter antibodies with various approaches, including phage display, hybridoma, and humanized transgenic mice.

* Hybridoma: a well-developed classic technology that relies on immunizing rat/mouse.

* Phage display: an exogenous gene expression approach connecting genotype and phenotype.

* B cell sorting: developing native monoclonal antibodies by B cell screening, cloning, and in vitro expression.

“We have completed a lot of projects involving proteins and antibodies,” according to a scientist, “and are gaining more experience in the process to help us cope with more challenges.”

Introduction to Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is confident in supplying excellent membrane protein products with relatively versatile options for expression, solubilization/reconstitution, purification, and characterization thanks to various leading technologies and a wealth of experience. Creative Biolabs has developed a revolutionary Magic™ platform that enables high-efficiency membrane protein expression and antibody generation approaches, based on a thorough understanding of the fundamental criteria in this industry.

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