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Interpretation Of Classics | The ESS Oxygen Eye Mask Brings Out The Essence Of Skin

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Interpretation Of Classics | The ESS Oxygen Eye Mask Brings Out The Essence Of Skin

July 09
01:18 2021

In life, light is everywhere. Whether it is natural sunshine or bright spotlights, light is beautiful. At the heart of ESS, light is hidden within each of us. With the step-by-step launch of our new ESS oxygen eye mask, we will uncover this radiance, experience the beauty of natural balance, and utilize scientific breakthrough knowledge to create classic skincare art.

Fall In Love With The Classics

When we fall in love with the classics, what are we most fascinated by? The classics are masterpieces that are quoted repeatedly by many generations of people. They inspire the ultimate imagination through the passage of time. They are the pure and constant symbols of beauty that will last forever. Through the long river of time, our ancestors have been actively exploring the natural world. With passionate and romantic curiosity, they drew elaborate picture scrolls of the mountains, the rivers, the sun, the moon, and the galaxy. Their hard work unlocked the mysteries of geography and astronomy. Following their footsteps, we get to understand this beautiful historical world, search for the classics of everything within this world, and comprehend the fearless interpretation of life.

The secret of the classics is that once you fall in love with them, you will be rewarded with vitality that even time cannot take away. The vitality will give every viewer a long-lasting resonance of imagination that is unforgettable and irreplaceable.

East Super Star is the irreplaceable classic.

Deep Into The Balanced Beauty Of “The ESS Oxygen Eye Mask

The exploration of beauty is the yearning and the desire that are hidden within our hearts. This chase for beauty drives us to constantly seek better solutions that utilize the unique life energy of plants and revitalize the sensual state of the skin.

The earliest origin of plant balance skincare art can be traced back to the cave paintings created by prehistoric humans. These cave paintings depicted a long list of unique motifs from different cultures: the use of nature-focused mosaic paintings from Roman culture, the creation of hand-painted colored paintings from Medieval Europe, the completion of handwritten manuscripts, the development of European flower sketching, and the depiction of China’s Han Dynasty silk floral paintings. This long list of amazing cultural motifs belong and relate to this special category of proper skincare art.

The ESS Oxygen Eye Mask focuses on our skin conditions and our psychological feelings within different environments. It creates a new chapter of aerobic plant skincare infused with innovative technology. We like to be calm and at ease, especially when it relates to our personal skincare. Plants give us such a serene and peaceful experience. When you are surrounded by plants, it makes you feel comfortable, fresh, and free. By always adhering to the brand concept of “exploring the beauty of natural balance, and restoring the essence of the skin”, the ESS Oxygen Eye Mask fulfills the essential relationship between plants, skincare, and nature. By discovering and harnessing the power of natural plants, it pursues the best natural, safe, and balanced skincare methods.

The ESS Oxygen Eye Mask – The Emblem Of Vitality

Nature’s bounty is the best gift to our natural world. This magical nature is mysterious and flowing with treasure. It contains infinite possibilities and boundless vitality. The essence of black Ganoderma lucidum creates this origin of vitality within nature.

The entire East Super Star team, by discovering this natural ingredient, found the essential component for the ESS Oxygen Eye Mask — Ganoderma lucidum opens the mysterious door to the beauty of oxygen infused skin. This discovery of this ingredient led to today’s legendary classic — the ESS Oxygen Eye Mask.

The ESS Oxygen Eye Mask – The Emblem Of Boldness

In the world of the ESS oxygen eye mask, Ganoderma lucidum is also a symbol of boldness. 

In 2006, ESS and the American VII Beauty Research Laboratory launched the Skin Oxygen Care Program, which inherited the 20th century research accumulated by Dr. Victor Byrne, who developed skincare solutions for various eye problems with the use of botanical cosmetology. The ESS team has traveled to many vast mountains and forests in order to discover the best solution to revitalizing the skin with natural energy.

Through great concentration and investment in research and development, the team was able to develop a new masterpiece that harnesses this key formula of oxygen protection within the black Ganoderma lucidum from the mysterious Far East. The extraction of high purity Ganoderma lucidum essence liquid brings great innovation to the traditional oxygen eye masks. Through continuous improvement on the blood heat circulation around the eyes, it replenishes oxygen to this vital area, transports the natural essence to active keratinocytes to promote cell metabolism, relieves eye fatigue, solves eye problems, returns the skin to its initial healthy state, and achieves clear anti-aging results.

Thus, the outstanding skincare experience of the ESS Oxygen Eye Mask has been successfully achieved. It was this bold move that witnessed the birth of the classics.

The ESS Oxygen Eye Mask – The Emblem Of Luxury

The classic ESS Oxygen Eye Mask naturally boasts a luxurious experience by instantly tightening the elasticity of your facial skin. The ESS team uses the high-tech extraction of black Ganoderma lucidum essence, and other rare plant essences to give the ESS Oxygen Eye Mask the most wonderful effect of oxygen skincare. These components can stimulate the cells around the eyes to absorb oxygen in order to improve the heat circulation around the eyes and strengthen the repair capacity of the skin. It can effectively remove any dark circles and diminish any fine lines to improve overall beauty.

The luxurious process of enjoying the classics requires a sense of ritual, a natural process that is both a pleasant experience and a wonderous journey for clear and beautiful skin. The pure eye mask contains black Ganoderma lucidum, which revitalizes, enhances, and tightens the skin around the eyes. It helps the skin feel voluminously plump, and it even brightens your eyes. You will look forward to a radiant new life.

The ESS Oxygen Eye Mask – The Emblem Of Heritage

The exploration and the creation of the ESS Oxygen Eye Mask is a dedicated tribute to nature by the ESS Oxygen Eye Mask team. By not fearing hardships and dangers, the ESS team also represents the fearless determination to explore nature without restrictions.

There was a time when it was thought that humans could use technologies and knowledge to dominate and exploit the planet without limits, like a young girl who naively thought she was forever young. However, in the last few decades, by exploring the “beauty” of natural plants, we came to realize how little we knew about nature and how much still remained to be discovered. Nevertheless, there will always be people who are truly dedicated to exploring the boundaries of the natural world and inspiring us all. On the road to beauty, the ESS team will continue to lead the way.

Note: All literature information comes from East Super Star.

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