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New Jersey Oystershucking company is now open for all kinds of private and corporate Catering.

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New Jersey Oystershucking company is now open for all kinds of private and corporate Catering.

July 08
10:35 2021

After being successful in Europe we decided to tie the knot and start in USA. In the country of big opportunities and also very good oysters, we see the potential.

We are a boutique oyster catering business, specialized in Oystertainment®. Our roving oystershuckers are walking around and open the best fresh oysters “on the spot”. Outfitted with a leather apron, steel buckets and iron mesh glove, we oystertain your guests with raw on the half shell oysters. So you can shine at your event and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere Oystertainment® creates! 

Our Oystershuckers come to any party, (private at your house or any other location), cocktail hour, business event, fairs, opening night, VIP venues.  

Oystershucking In New Jersey

Oyster catering is an art. While some firms might offer oysters as one of their side platters or appetizers to choose from, the fact of the matter is that we solely specialize in this field. So, our experience within the industry is unparalleled. Guests will obviously appreciate this quality; particularly if they are looking to provide their audience with what can only be called an unforgettable experience. 

Oystershuckinng Services (Corporate Catering) 

Experiencing the excitement of a professional oyster shucker opening fresh oysters especially for you brings about a delightful feeling of uniqueness. This is what we call Oystertainment®. It’s the joyful liaison between your guests, the best oysters, and our oystershuckers in New Jersey.

The craftsmanship with which our Oystershuckers opening oysters is impressive. Each is outfitted with a special handmade leather apron, a leather belt with steel buckets attached to it, and a mesh glove. The buckets are filled with the best fresh oysters and condiments. The oyster is skillfully opened for each individual guest. The Oysterman’s enthusiasm for the product and occasion is  unparalleled.

However, the personality and amiability of the oystershucker is just as important. We take a great deal of pride in employing Oystertainers who are personable, outgoing and who will provide an attractive image that encourages conversation. In turn, this reflects positively upon the host as well as the entire event itself. It is often said that the taste of the food is directly reflected in the atmosphere where it is served. It therefore makes a great deal of sense that only the most vibrant and enthusiastic oyster shucking specialists are selected. 

Private oystershucker in New Jersey & New York

Book a private oystershucker (in New Jersey and New York) for your party or event. Our oystershuckers are all very experienced in shucking raw oysters in a very professional way. They open the oyster with speed and professionalism while talking with you about oysters. We preferably bring our own oysters to guarantee good quality oysters, but you can also book only the oystershucker. 
A Luxury Product with a Prestigious Image  
There is no doubt that our team caters to what can only be described as a niche market. Having said this, the popularity of Oystertainment® is indeed on the rise. This is the reason why our bespoke catering services can be procured for a number of unique requirements. Business seminars, corporate parties, holiday events, retirement celebrations, birthdays, and many other situations can be addressed with our team of trained experts. We will work in synergy with you and any additional stakeholders in order to provide an efficient and transparent service while guaranteeing that only the finest of oysters are present during the day of the event. If you have been looking to make a lasting impression upon your guests, why not give us a call at your disposal? We will be more than happy to speak further as well to schedule a timely consultation. 

About us  

Starting in the Netherlands in 2000, oystershucker and founder Matijn Wijn opened raw oysters ‘on the spot’ at parties. Driven by his great passion for oysters he was the first mobile oystershucker who created a unique mobile experience around oysters. He and his team soon shucked oysters throughout Europe. 

We also do oystercatering for:


Corporate Catering, and

Corporate events

We crossed many borders these past 20 years. Driven by his passion for oysters, Matijn brought Oystertainment® to the US and Europe such as Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. Are you searching for a private Oystershucker for your event(s) in New Jersey and New York?

55 Tower Hill Road,
Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +1212380 11 34

The Oysters 

We have selected the best fresh oysters the United States has to offer. The majority comes from oyster farmers at the Northeast Coast, Washington State and Canada. These oysters have a high salinity, a high brininess, and lots of mineral notes.  

Media Contact
Company Name: Oystershucker Events
Contact Person: Angelique van der Made
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Country: United States
Website: https://oystershucker.events/