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Over 38,000 Black women take to the patio for quarantine relief

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Over 38,000 Black women take to the patio for quarantine relief

June 26
06:10 2020

DALLAS, TX – June 26, 2020 In April 2020, Tara L. Paige was feeling overwhelmed as a result of the COVID-19 quarantine that resulted in her decision to focus on preparing her patio. Her goal was to create a space where she wouldn’t be surrounded by the same four walls and to spend time outside without breaking any physical distancing rules.

In search of ideas and other women in the same boat, Paige took to the internet to find groups of other Black women who had a love for outdoor living spaces, only to find that none existed.  After creating the group on Facebook, what happened next was completely unexpected.

“I was expecting to see a few women who had shared my interests and before I knew it, 1,000 women joined the group in the first week. Two weeks later, 6,000 women joined and by May, 10,000 women joined the group! When we announced that we would be holding a 10K party, the group grew by another 2,000 women!”

The Black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces (once referred to as the Backyardigans) recently had their 25k virtual celebration, complete with food, friends, a DJ, and a special performance by R&B artist @donnie_v.  Today, the group has grown to more than 38,000 members making over 1 million impressions in less than 30 days. The group has grown entirely by word-of-mouth and members are eager and excited to share their patio decor and design and alongside it, The Patio Chic brand is quickly emerging. 

“More than being a group to exchange ideas, these women have found sisterhood and support in their patio, balcony, porch, poolside, and gardening projects,” says Paige. In a time where most Black people find themselves worried and in fear over the recent attacks on Black men and women, some members have found the group to be a place of escape to ease their fears and nurture good mental health.

Group member Cinnamon Renique comments: “Whew chile! I’ve been in my house for 8 whole years and because of the huge amount of work that needs to be done, I haven’t touched anything in my backyard ever. But this group has changed me. I just finished my first project. I painted an old patio set and created a shaded space that I’m sure I’ll get to enjoy with my baby boy! This group has everyone trying to get their outdoor spaces together… even me with a 21-day-old (my all-time greatest project). Keep inspiring ladies. I absolutely love this group!”

The members have shared everything from patio photos, marketplace finds, sales, and tips on getting rid of pests. The average group post receives hundreds of comments and some have seen over 1,000 reactions.

Paige says she feels like she has found a niche that fits her style and personality. She is looking forward to growing this brand with the help of the members as they contribute their design and decor inspirations to thepatiochic.com

About Tara L. Paige/The Patio Chic

Tara L. Paige is the founder of The Patio Chic and creator of the black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces group. Paige is also an author, speaker, business enthusiast, and a talk show host who derives endless passion for helping women around the globe find purpose and reach their full potential. Beyond her mission of empowering women and motivating them to achieve their dreams, as a business coach, Paige is a wife, mother, grandmother, and lover of the patio life.

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Company Name: The Patio Chic
Contact Person: Tara L. Paige
Email: Send Email
Phone: 817-994-0070
City: Dallas
State: TX
Country: United States
Website: https://thepatiochic.com/

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