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The man who wrote a children’s book about Jeff Bezos

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The man who wrote a children’s book about Jeff Bezos

December 05
02:29 2019
Amazon Jeff’s Big Discovery: Jeff the charming deer searches for his special skill in the Amazon rainforests.

United States – 4th December, 2019 – Israeli author Ofer Shapira, writing in the genre of children’s literature releases an amazing, motivating and moral picture bedtime storybook titled “Amazon Jeff’s Big Discovery”. The book is an engaging, easy to read and incredibly educational storybook that aims at transforming youngsters to become great achievers and also find their true ability just like the famous Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

Going beyond entertainment, stories can be the best companion to prepare your kids for a brilliant and colorful future. “Amazon Jeff’s Big Discovery” is a book your children will love, with a wonderful and enlightening moral about helping your young child to discover his/her hidden talent. “Amazon Jeff’s Big Discovery” reinforces that belief with a simple and engaging book about the joy and happiness of self discovery. Ofer Shapira has made it his mission to encourage children to celebrate the everyday small experiences that bring them happiness thereby growing up to become major society players.

The book is now available on Amazon.com and other fine book retailers nationwide.

Called Amazon Jeff’s Big Discovery the new book is inspired by Jeff the charming deer who searched for his special skill in the Amazon rainforests. Jeff the deer lives in the Amazon and loves to run. But he wants a new challenge in life and so he sets out one day to meet his friends and see what else he might be good at. Soon he find that roaring like a lion, flying like a bird or performing with the wolves isn’t as easy as his friends make it seem and that each animal has their own special ability that makes each of them unique. And it isn’t until he meets his friend Barry the bear, that Jeff remembers that running is his own particular skill and that there might just be the perfect job waiting for him. Can you guess what it might be? Spoiler alert -to deliver packages in the forest. So everyone in the forest now knows that packages delivered as quick as Jeff goes!

Most story books though enjoyable are not educational and live changing, but this truly is and you will be hard-pressed to let it go from your shelves and thoughts. This premier book is a one that will make your children laugh and be cheerful. The vocabulary is real; the words used are the ones children use. The book however has a good decent end as indeed any child book should have.  “Amazon Jeff’s Big Discovery” concentrates on re-instilling self confidence, self talent discovery and educates the eternal values ​​of love for one’s neighbor. The concept of the book is so lovely and the absolutely gorgeous illustrations makes reading this book an exciting experience (to moms and grandmas too).

When asked about the brainchild behind Amazon Jeff’s Big Discovery Ofer fondly smiled and said“Often times the simplest things are the most complex. This book is dedicated to people who inspire our humankind such as Jeff Bezos and other great guys. Amazon Jeff’s Big Discovery is what every childhood should have–adventures, self discovery and a perfect bedtime read”.

About the Author

Ofer Shapira was born and raised in Israel and lives in a village in the central district of the country, with his wife and their two children. He holds a B.A in Computer Science and an M.B.A in Business Management, with expertise in marketing.

As with most Israeli’s, Ofer served in the army before his entrepreneurial spirit was allowed to flourish and he co-founded an e-commerce company with his brother. The success of the company has allowed Ofer to diverge to other interests and led him to publish his first children’s book, Amazon Jeff’s Big Discovery, which is about a deer who is looking for something different but realizes that he is already special in his own way.

In his free time, Ofer spends much of it with his young family but enjoys writing just about anything, from computer code to love letters. He is inherently curious and likes to experiment in the kitchen, cooking and baking new things. He has created a board game based on the Israeli army that is similar to Monopoly and has been a serial builder of websites.

Ofer is currently working on a business book and on songs which he plans to record. He hopes that Amazon Jeff will become a big hit with children and intends to create a series that will provide a range of exciting adventures.

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