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Global Launch of DDAM, Returning the Value of Data Assets to Individuals

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Global Launch of DDAM, Returning the Value of Data Assets to Individuals

October 30
04:57 2019

What does LinkedIn, eBay, JP Morgan Chase, Yahoo, Sony, and many other prominent — and less prominent — companies have in common? They have all experienced cyber hack attacks. Statistics have shown that billions of data records have been exposed due to hacker attacks, making millions of their users to become victims of data breach.

Based on trust in big internet companies, users handed over their personal data to these companies for safekeeping purposes. Several of these companies have not only fail to fulfill their responsibilities but have made use of the user’s data for their own profit purposes, that is leveraging on the user’s data to attract advertisers. The irony is that the profits that big companies have made from user data are not shared to the users at all and have made users the main victims of their dereliction of duty.

As far as enterprises are concerned, these entities are looking for a solution to balance between data utilization and privacy protection in order to protect users, comply with the law and protect their own enterprise’s reputation and interests.

Blockchain technology provides a technical solution to this problem by having key features including decentralization and non-tamperability.

DDAM COO Ethan Lee presented at the launch that DDAM mission is to help everyone to create their data’s value in the era of data sovereignty, so as to unleash the full value of data created and used by the people.

The first global launch of DDAM (Decentralized Data Asset Management)architecture was held at Resorts World – Equarius Hotel, Singapore, at 15:00 on October 26, 2019. Invited guests included strategic partners of DDAM, such as Liu Guojie, Managing Director of Bibox, Fang Yu, CMO of Coinbene, Ken Wang, Founder of BitDATA. In addition, Seven, the Head of Hello Global Exchange in Vietnam, Frank, the Chief Strategic Officer of MyToken, Mr Kerwin, the community operation manager of DDAM presented their sincere greeting and blessings for DDAM through video presentation.

Nowadays, the sovereignty of data has been paid greater attention by enterprises and users, and the big data age is about to enter the data sovereignty age. One of the strategic issues that enterprises need to face in the future is how to unleash the value of data in the data sovereignty age. A set of decentralized data asset management architecture will become the foundation for the third generation of large-scale commercial application of blockchain.

The public chain of DDAM has been announced to launch after a long period of development and testing.

Ethan introduced that “DDAM is a flexible, safe and stable decentralized data asset management architecture, which can help all data producers and managers to transform the value of data.”

Ethan said at the launch that the role of going to DDAM is to build a reliable and dependable management mechanism around the data asset, effectively managing the data assets on various decentralized data storage platforms in the future, and create business value around it, so as to realize better data flow, addition, analysis and response, and even a series of processes such as data opening, connection, integration and grafting.

Token of the project DDAM has been launched on Bibox and CoinBene on October 5, respectively. Representatives of both exchanges came to the meeting to show their advantages and express their vision of cooperation with DDAM.

Fang Yu, the representative of CoinBene, introduced that CoinBene, founded in 2017, is committed to becoming the most reliable digital asset trading platform in the world, with 5 million registered users, an average daily trading volume of 3 billion US dollars, supporting services in 9 languages, providing global blockchain enthusiasts with businesses such as currency trading, French currency trading, contracts, etc., ranking the top 8 in the CoinMarketCap.

Bibox benefits from being the first AI digital asset trading platform in the world. Liu Guojie, marketing director of Bibox, said at the meeting that Bibox has been rated as a better digital asset trading platform because of its increasingly strict currency selection and smooth trading experience since it was launched in November 2017. In terms of operation, Bibox has pioneered the industry in many aspects, such as acquiring the ChainCapital, a Swiss company and obtaining a Swiss VQF license; establishing a blockchain technology application center in Hainan; and issuing the first pass bond. Bibox is gradually improving its global ecological layout.

Ken Wang, founder of BitDATA, a one-stop crypto assets aggregate trading platform, delivered a speech. BitDATA,which integrates investor training, investment opportunity discovery, investment research and rating, market information, blockchain wallet, OTC trading, market analysis, aggregate trading, financial products, and capital management services, empowers the project parties through its ecological resources, providing all-round digital brokerage services such as online / offline marketing, compliance guidance, rating, currency issuance, currency trading, market making, (holding) transaction diversion, etc.

After that is the most exciting link in which DDAM officially strated up. Four speakers took the stage together and simultaneously pressed the start button after the countdown of 5 seconds, marking the official launch of DDAM.

Due to schedule conflict, Seven, the head of Hello Global Exchange in Vietnam, Frank, the chief strategic officer of MyToken, and Kerwin, the community operation manager of DDAM was not able to join the event but they sent their blessings from afar. 

This meeting has ended successfully, DDAM express our gratitude to all strategic partners for their support to DDAM.

Since Facebook has introduced the “LIBRA” plan, on the China’s 18th collective learning of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on the 24th, the Chinese president emphasized that blockchain should be taken as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology to accelerate the innovation and development of blockchain technology and industry. Blockchain technology has not only become an important field of competition between countries, but will be applied to more scenarios in the future to provide solutions for many existing problems.

DDAM hopes to help all data producers and managers to play the value of data assets and create real social value through blockchain technology by making use of blockchain technology to become the infrastructure of decentralized data asset management in the future. 

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