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Onyx BOOX Unveils the Joy of Everyday Tasks with a Color E Ink Tablet

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Onyx BOOX Unveils the Joy of Everyday Tasks with a Color E Ink Tablet

August 28
19:29 2023


Onyx BOOX, a leading manufacturer of e-readers and ePaper devices, has introduced several color E Ink Tablets that aim to improve the way individuals approach their study or work routine. By infusing everyday tasks with soothing hues and inspiring creativity, the color E Ink device offers a refreshing break from the monotony of routine tasks.

The color E Ink Tablet serves as a versatile digital sketch pad, providing stylus support for effortless sketching, drawing, and note-taking. Creative individuals can bring their ideas to life with ease, while the tablet offers a secure and convenient way to store and organize imaginative thoughts and ideas.


Creativity is not limited to artists and creators. It plays a vital role in problem-solving and critical thinking. With the use of a color E Ink tablet, users can unlock new levels of creativity and productivity. By taking visually captivating notes, brainstorming ideas, and visualizing data in vibrant colors, individuals can enhance their comprehension and stimulate critical thinking abilities. The infusion of colors in data representation and graphs not only facilitates better understanding but also fosters a deeper level of analytical thinking.

The color E Ink tablet also offers a mindful and relaxing reading experience. Unlike traditional black and white eReaders, the Color ePaper screen introduces smooth hues, creating a visually captivating experience. Emitting a gentle glow, this innovative screen technology replicates the serene ambiance of reading a printed book, allowing readers to immerse themselves in a tranquil and calming reading experience.


The Color E Ink Tablet from Onyx BOOX is set to transform the way individuals work, study, and enjoy their leisure time. The Tab Ultra C is recommended by Onyx BOOX to indulge in visually stimulating content and boost productivity. By embracing the power of a color E Ink tablet, users can elevate their overall experience and unlock their full potential.

About Onyx BOOX

BOOX is a global leading E Ink electronic brand of Onyx that specializes in E Ink tablets and monitors. It offers 6inch to 13.3inch E Ink products to assist aspiring, persistent, and innovative users in becoming more productive in work and study without straining their eyes. With cutting-edge hardware and advanced software, BOOX is the world’s only E Ink electronic brand that combines E Ink with Android and provides maximum flexibility.

More product information can be found at shop.boox.com

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