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Discover the Multidimensional Tale of “VIZAG BLUE” by Anil CS Rao

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Discover the Multidimensional Tale of “VIZAG BLUE” by Anil CS Rao

August 28
16:20 2023
Discover the Multidimensional Tale of "VIZAG BLUE" by Anil CS Rao
Dive into the coastal mysteries of “VIZAG BLUE,” a captivating novel by comic creator Anil CS Rao. Set in a summer beachside house near Vizag, the tale unravels the enigmatic bond between a nurse and her silent ward, leading them into an alternate reality. Celebrated for his works at the inaugural India Comicon in 2012, Rao’s latest venture promises a mesmerizing literary journey.

Delve deep into the heart of Vizag’s coastal mysteries with Anil CS Rao’s newest novel, “VIZAG BLUE.” This spellbinding tale will take readers on a captivating journey where the lines between reality and another dimension blur, leaving readers questioning the world they know.

Set against the serene backdrop of a summer beachside house near Vizag, this enthralling narrative unfolds the life of a nurse and her silent ward. What initially appears to be an uneventful and pleasant existence soon spirals into a string of harrowing events. As the intensity of their experiences escalates, the two find themselves intertwined in a reality far removed from the mundane.

Every Moment of Silence Holds a Storm

For those keen to explore more about Rao’s versatile artistic journey, detailed information about his previous works, accolades, and artistry can be accessed on his official website anilcsrao.com.

With “VIZAG BLUE,” Anil CS Rao invites readers to immerse themselves in a realm where everyday life takes an extraordinary twist. This novel promises an unforgettable voyage and is a must-read for those seeking a unique literary experience.

“VIZAG BLUE” is not just a narrative, it is a visual masterpiece. Rao’s graphic novel seamlessly marries compelling storytelling with arresting artwork, offering readers an immersive and visually stunning journey. “VIZAG BLUE” holds a special allure for the Indian diaspora in America, offering a nostalgic yet thrilling bridge between two worlds.

“VIZAG BLUE” is now available online.


In the sun-kissed beach house near Vizag, a nurse and her mute ward share a bond as delicate as the sands of time. But beneath the tranquil facade lies a whirlwind of secrets. As shadows lengthen, their reality unravels, pulling them into an enigma beyond imagination. Dive into a world where the silent speak and reality is merely the beginning.

Meet the Author: Anil CS Rao

Anil CS Rao has been crafting engaging stories since 2009. His talent and vision were internationally recognized when, in 2012, he attended the inaugural India Comicon held in New Delhi’s Dilli Haat. The event highlighted his prowess as three of his initial works earned spots on FHM India magazine’s Top 17 Comic Books of 2012.

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